The Coven

Word mark

Word mark for The Coven: a secret group on Facebook for like-minded, powerful women to come together, collaborate, and be inspired by each other.

Draplin Logo Workshop - HTX Design Week 2013


City of Houston logo redesign made during a logo workshop taught by Aaron Draplin at Houston Design Week.


The Fishbowl

Sketching and daily projects

The Fishbowl is "a collection of work from some talented artists and designers. The posts are random expressions, ideas, and thoughts created into visuals meant to entertain and inspire each other and our visitors." You can see the website (designed and coded by the ever-talented Johny Marquez), along with my contributed work, here.

seeyousoonchitown-fishbowl nautical-fishbowl fuck-it hold-fast-fishbowl bigger-fish h-isfor-hemp avatar-thing-fishbowl sketchy-amp-fishbowl fishbowl-line-thing fresh-lana-white-fish fresh-lana-dark-fish

Lettering and Calligraphy

Ongoing studies

I have something of a love affair going on with letterforms.

gravitytank Company Shirt 2014-2015


Each year one designer at gravitytank designs a shirt to be printed and gifted to all members of the organization at the holiday party. For this particular concept, I made a digital camo pattern out of post-it notes. We write on tons of post-it notes every day while we work, and sometimes our work spaces feel like they are camoflauged in color. All of the smaller post-its seem to come together to form one large, multi-colored post-it, which hints at many different ideas coming together to make a more robust concept.

Self Promo

Design and fabrication

A set of of coasters developed as my self-promotional item. An ice cold brew might taste great when you run out of ideas, but it won't help you finish your project any sooner. These coasters act as a reminder to get back to work when you get a case of design block.

promo-1 promo-6 promo-17