Jobs Poster Set

Poster set - 24" x 48"

A poster series focused on visual comparison through symbolic, iconic, and indexical semiotic principles. The quote by Steve Jobs is delivered by abstract, direct, and indirect methods relating back to Steve, his feelings about calligraphy, and how that changed the course of his life as well as the lives of everyone in the world.

poster-1 poster-7 poster-4

Quality vs. Quantity

Infographic - 11" x 17"

This infographic displays how the Wallow fire in eastern Arizona started and spread in time and space. I focused on the change in air quality along with the total acreage burned, as well as how long it took for the fire to be completely contained.

wallow-1 wallow-3


Infographic - 17" x 11"

A survey of the earning and spending habits of the ASU Visual Communication class of 2013 was taken to better understand how we each manage our individual financial status. Once all of the data was collected, I developed a visual representation that would highlight the most and least quantities of each spending and earning category.

survey-1 survey-4



A one day poster project illustrating the action of the word "reflect".


Book Binding

Instructional infographic - 17" x 11"

Illustrated instructions on how to bind a perfect bound book and a retchoso style bound book.

soft-1 soft-4 ret-1 ret-4